Every Large Bust Need These Types of Bra

Every large bust need to have these bra

Types of Bra for Large Bust: Choosing the Right One for You

every large bust need to have these bras


Discover the ultimate solution for your large bust with our comprehensive guide. As a woman with a large bust, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect bra. But with the right fit, comfort, and support, you can achieve the confidence and comfort you deserve. In this informative blog, we'll explore the different types of bras available for large busts, including full-coverage, balconette, underwire, and sports bras. Additionally, we'll highlight the key factors to consider when making your choice, including support, comfort, style, and material. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a new level of confidence with the perfect bra for your large bust.

Full-coverage Bra

A full-coverage bra is a type of undergarment designed for women. It provides full coverage for the breasts, including the sides and the back, offering more support and comfort than other bra styles. 

It is a popular choice for women with larger busts, as it helps to minimize bouncing and prevent spillage. Full-coverage bras often have wider straps, thicker underwire, and a more substantial band to ensure proper support. 

They come in a variety of materials, including cotton, lace, and synthetic blends, and are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of body shapes. 

A full-coverage bra fits well and gives you support. It's a good choice for everyday life. If you have a big bust, you may have worn a bra that covers everything. Full-coverage bras are great for women with bigger breasts because they lift, support, and keep everything in place. Full coverage bras are popular with women who have larger breasts, but they are also great for women who want a modest bra that covers and shapes their breasts.


every large bust need to have these bras

Balconette bra

A balcony bra, also called a balconette bra, is a popular everyday style for women with big breasts because it gives great support and gives the breasts an uplifted, round shape that looks good on a wide range of breast sizes and shapes. A balconette bra gives good coverage but not as much as a full-cup bra, so it works well with necklines that aren't as high. Since the straps don't meet in the middle of the cup, but on the side, they tend to be a little farther apart. Balconette bras are great all-around bras, so it's no surprise that they are our most popular shape.

The firm support of the balconette bra makes a woman look more attractive, and it can also be worn under any outfit.

There are also many different styles, colors, and fabrics for bras, so almost any woman can wear one.

The balconette bra not only gives you support, but it also looks nice. With a balconette bra, a woman doesn't have to choose between being stylish and getting the most support. She can have both. The best thing about a balconette bra is that it looks great and can be worn in many different ways. It comes in different styles and colors, so women can wear it and feel good about themselves and comfortable. The balcony-style bra is a good investment for any woman because it goes with almost any outfit.

every large need to have these bras

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Underwire Bra

Underwired bras come in many different styles. The main thing you need to know is that underwired bras feature wiring within the cup, just underneath the bustline. Designed to provide comfort, firm support, shape and enhance your beautiful, natural figure. Proving a popular choice for many women.  

A bra with wire supports and lifts your breast away from your body, creating a perkier appearance. Additionally, the rigid wire shape helps to redistribute the weight in the breast resulting in a more symmetrical breast shape.

One of the major benefits of underwired bras is  support, especially if you have a larger chest. With the support of a wire, you can experience less back pain or strain that you might normally feel throughout the day. Additionally, underwired bras provide better lift, separation, and shape of your breasts.

every large bust need to have these bras

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Sport bra

A sports bra is a bra that offers all the support you’re looking for when you’re exercising. Different sports bras are great for all kinds of activities, depending on the level of support you need. From low impact sports like yoga to high impact exercise like running - we're here to help you find your feel-good sports fit so you're ready to tackle whatever workout you want!

All our sports bras are designed especially for those of us blessed with bigger boobs, so whether you’re stretching into downward dog or training for a marathon, we’re here to support you and give you an extra ‘boost’ for the year ahead!

Wearing a sports bra can provide several benefits for women during physical activities. Firstly, it keeps discomfort at bay by minimizing breast movement. Secondly, it helps to maintain the shape of the breasts. Thirdly, it reduces breast pain that is often associated with high-impact activities. Fourthly, it regulates blood circulation and absorbs sweat to keep you comfortable during intense workouts. Lastly, a sports bra can be a modest yet fashionable choice for women to wear during physical activities.


every large bust need to have these bra

How to Choose the Right Size Bra: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

Wearing a bra that is not the correct size can be a frustrating and painful experience. Ill-fitting bras can be uncomfortable, unflattering, and even cause physical discomfort such as back pain. That's why it is so important to choose the right size bra for a comfortable, supportive, and flattering fit. But with so many different brands and styles on the market, finding the right size can be a challenge. That's where this blog comes in. We will guide you through the process of determining your correct size, so you can say goodbye to ill-fitting bras and hello to confidence and comfort.

Understanding bra sizing

It's important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every woman's body is unique, which is why it's essential to measure yourself regularly to ensure that you are wearing the correct size. In this section, we will guide you through the process of understanding bra sizing, so you can find the right size bra that offers the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Once you have both your band size and cup size, you can use a bra size calculator to determine your correct size. This will take into account your unique body shape and provide you with a range of sizes that should fit you comfortably.

By understanding bra sizing, you can ensure that you are choosing the right size bra for your body. This can make a big difference in how comfortable and confident you feel, so don't hesitate to take the time to measure yourself and determine your correct size.

Measuring Your Band Size

To measure your band size, wrap a measuring tape around your rib cage, just under your bust. Make sure the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. If the measurement is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number to determine your band size.

Common misconceptions about band size include thinking that a larger band size means more support or that a tight band provides more support. In reality, a snug fit is key. If your band size is too large, the bra will not provide adequate support, and if it is too tight, it will be uncomfortable.

To figure out what size band you need, measure snugly around your chest, right under your breasts. Add three inches to this length. If your ribcage is 31 inches, for example, your band size is 34. If your result is an even number, go up to the next band size. For instance, if the circumference of your rib cage is 32 inches, 32 + 3 = 35. Round 35 up to a 36 band size.

Measuring Your Cup Size

To measure your cup size, wrap a measuring tape around your bust, at the fullest point. Subtract your band size measurement from this number to determine your cup size.

  • Less than 1 inch = AA cup
  • 1 inch = A cup
  • 2 inches = B cup
  • 3 inches = C cup
  • 4 inches = D cup
  • 5 inches = DD cup

For Example: 32C bra, 32D bra, 34A bra,  34C bra, 36DD bra, 38B bra, 38C bra, 38D bra 

Determining the Right Bra Fit

There are several factors that can affect bra fit, including weight changes, pregnancy, and aging. It is essential to re-measure regularly and adjust your bra size accordingly.

When trying on a bra, ensure that the band is snug and level, the cups are smooth and free of wrinkles or gaps, and the straps are comfortable and do not dig into your skin. If the band rides up in the back or the cups gap, the bra may be too large, and if the straps slip or dig into your skin, the bra may be too small.


Choosing the right size bra is crucial for comfort, support, and appearance. By measuring both your band size and cup size, trying on bras, and regularly re-measuring, you can find the perfect fit for your unique body type. Say goodbye to ill-fitting bras and hello to confidence and comfort with the right size bra.


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